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Call for abstracts - NGS Innovation Forum '10 - Deadline is imminent! (Created: 18/08/2010)
e-Science: past, present and future, volumes I and II (Created: 16/08/2010)
GridSAM 2.3.0 has been released (Created: 16/08/2010)
Research Councils UK release findings of review of e-Infrastructure (Created: 10/08/2010)
What happened at the Collaborations Workshop 2010? Find out now! (Created: 06/08/2010)
Workshop on Autonomic Computational Science - IEEE Grid 2010 (Created: 13/07/2010)
Call for Papers - 6th IEEE International Conference on e-Science (Created: 13/07/2010)
NGS Innovation Forum '10 (Created: 18/06/2010)
Software developers needed to help guide software policy (Created: 09/06/2010)
Register now for AHM 2010! (Created: 03/06/2010)
Post-Doctoral Research Associate: Software Development position at University of Cambridge (Created: 02/06/2010)
Deadline extended! Submission of abstracts extended to 7 June 2010 (Created: 14/05/2010)
Call for papers for AHM 2010 - sustainability and infrastructures, systems and tools - deadline 14 May 2010 (Created: 05/05/2010)
eResearch Australasia 2010: 21st Century Research - Where Computing Meets Data - 8-12 November 2010, Gold Coast, Australia (Created: 23/04/2010)
Communicating Science event - registration closes Wednesday 28 April 2010 (Created: 22/04/2010)
Campus Grid Toolkit 1.1.5 has been released! (Created: 22/04/2010)
Software Sustainability: stories and strategies (Created: 16/04/2010)
Only a few places left at the JISC e-Research roadshow - 21 April 2010 (Created: 15/04/2010)
OGSA-DAI 4.0 has been released! (Created: 13/04/2010)
Taverna Workbench 2.1.2 has been released! (Created: 01/04/2010)
30 million for the Web Science Institute (Created: 23/03/2010)
BioPortal benefits from excellent support (Created: 22/03/2010)
Take part in Google Summer of Code 2010 with OMII-UK (Created: 19/03/2010)
ISSR 2010: Call for papers before deadline of 5 April 2010 (Created: 18/03/2010)
Attending OGF28 and want to learn about global interoperability? (Created: 16/03/2010)
New organisation to coordinate European scientific computing grids (Created: 15/03/2010)
4.2 million to set up the Software Sustainability Institute, climate change and global interoperability - all in the OMII-UK Newsletter (Created: 09/03/2010)
Rapid attains over 300 downloads a month (Created: 08/03/2010)
Deadline for workshop proposals for AHM 2010 is approaching fast - 28 February 2010! (Created: 25/02/2010)
This month's iSGTW: "OSCAR understands the language of chemistry, naturally" (Created: 18/02/2010)
CCGrid 2010: Call for Research/Product Demos - 17-20 May, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. (Created: 16/02/2010)
Global interoperability work to be showcased at OGF28 (Wed, 17 March, 15.00) (Created: 16/02/2010)
New jobs page is now online (Created: 11/02/2010)
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth millions: the new OMII-UK YouTube channel. (Created: 03/02/2010)
Job posting: three Project Research Associates required at King's College London (Created: 01/02/2010)
Turning your research ideas into reality - the Collaborations Workshop, 10-11 March 2010, Edinburgh (Created: 18/01/2010)
What's new for OMII-UK in 2010? (Created: 08/01/2010)
NGS Communities launched (Created: 07/01/2010)
David de Roure, OMII-UK Principal Investigator, talks about data (Created: 06/01/2010)
Taverna 2.1 is released! (Created: 21/12/2009)
New videos of OSCAR, Rapid and Blog3 are now available (Created: 17/12/2009)
European interoperability goes global (Created: 15/12/2009)
Plenty to see at the AHM (Created: 09/12/2009)
The Large Hadron Collider, Taverna in space and sustainability myths: all in the December OMII-UK Newsletter (Created: 04/12/2009)
Research 3.0 - How are digital technologies revolutionising research? (Created: 26/11/2009)
Nominations for OGF At-large Board Member must be submitted by 11 December 2009. (Created: 25/11/2009)
New NGS website launched (Created: 18/11/2009)
Watch online! Software sustainability. (Created: 18/11/2009)
Interoperability Demo To Appear at SuperComputing'09 (Created: 16/11/2009)
Call for papers: Data Intensive eScience Workshop - DIEW 2010 (Created: 11/11/2009)
Win Amazon vouchers -NGS Survey 2009 (Created: 10/11/2009)
Call for participation: The 2010 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation (Created: 05/11/2009)
Grid 2009 best paper award won by Shantenu Jha (an OMII-UK PAL), Daniel S. Katz, Manish Parashar, Omer Rana, and Jon Weissman (Created: 05/11/2009)
Survey helps provide insight into e-Research (Created: 02/11/2009)
OMII-UK principle investigator appointed e-Social Science National Strategic Director. (Created: 30/10/2009)
We are pleased to announce the release of GridSAM 2.1.9. (Created: 28/10/2009)
CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - Deadline 7 December 2009 - EGEE User Forum (UF5) (Created: 21/10/2009)
'The Fourth Paradigm' - new e-Research book is free to download (Created: 16/10/2009)
A brand new Elsevier Science Journal on COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE! (Created: 15/10/2009)
OGF demonstration overcomes middleware barrier to achieve interoperability (Created: 13/10/2009)
Latest NeSC Newsletter features OMII-UK's work with Biocatalogue (Created: 12/10/2009)
Software Sustainability: Looking Past the Myths - lecture in Edinburgh, 29 October 2009 (Created: 08/10/2009)
Registration for the NGS Innovation Forum closes on 13 October 2009 (Created: 05/10/2009)
Software Developer vacancy at King's College London - closing date 16 October 2009 (Created: 05/10/2009)
OGSA-DAI 3.2 is released (Created: 01/10/2009)
What do you know about e-Research? Let us know, and you could win an Amazon voucher. (Created: 29/09/2009)
Pollution, how to become sustainable and e-Research South: all in the latest OMII-UK Newsletter. (Created: 11/09/2009)
Front page news on iSGTW: OMII-UK's work with viruses (Created: 09/09/2009)
The European Network of Excellence on Software Services and Systems is looking for Associate Members. Deadline: 25 September 2009! (Created: 08/09/2009)
SAGA tutorial starts tomorrow (3 September 2009) (Created: 02/09/2009)
New videos show how researchers use advanced technology (Created: 19/08/2009)
GridSAM 2.1.7 has been released (Created: 11/08/2009)
Draft GridSAM roadmap is now available for public comment (Created: 31/07/2009)
OMII-UK's work with organic crystal research on YouTube (Created: 31/07/2009)
Proposals for work in the area of Data and Information Management. Closing date: 14 August 2009. (Created: 30/07/2009)
Need help with OMII-UK software or services? Try our new streamlined helpdesk page. (Created: 27/07/2009)
New archiving software - DIASER - releases latest beta (Created: 22/07/2009)
Taverna 2.1 beta 2 is released (Created: 22/07/2009)
Taverna 1.7.2 is released (Created: 22/07/2009)
OMII-UK's work with viruses featured in NeSc Newsletter (page 3) (Created: 13/07/2009)
New GridSAM tutorial is released. Learn how to run a command-line-based client: from generating results locally, through to running the same command line on GridSAM. (Created: 10/07/2009)
GridSAM: version 2.1.6 is released (Created: 02/07/2009)
New bioinformatics video showcases Taverna (Created: 09/06/2009)
BioCatalogue main portal launched 28 June 2009 (Created: 09/06/2009)
Plenty more fish in the sea? Find out in the June issue of the OMII-UK Newsletter (Created: 09/06/2009)
Follow OMII-UK on Twitter (Created: 04/06/2009)
GridSAM: version 2.1.5 is released (Created: 01/06/2009)
Taverna - now with easy access to powerful grid capabilities (Created: 13/05/2009)
'Don't double guess your users, Engage them' - OMII-UK in the news (Created: 08/05/2009)
'It was great to network with other researchers' - first OMII-UK Collaborations Workshop is a fantastic success! (Created: 07/05/2009)
Job vacancy: Professor of High Performance and Distributed Computing, Queen's University, Belfast (Created: 06/05/2009)
Released: new GridSAM, Campus Grid Toolkit and Development Kit (Created: 03/04/2009)
Last chance to register for free Grid Computing event at the University of Bath (Created: 03/04/2009)
Don't forget to sign up for the International summer school on Grid Computing 2009 (Created: 02/04/2009)
3,000,000 for the National Grid Service (Created: 31/03/2009)
Take part in the OMII-UK Collaborations Workshop and help shape the future of e-Research. (Created: 30/03/2009)
JISC funding for OMII-UK projects (Created: 23/03/2009)
Google Summer of Code: OMII-UK attains mentor status for a second year (Created: 19/03/2009)
The NGS receives 3 million of JISC funding (Created: 18/03/2009)
International summer school on Grid Computing 2009: 5-17 July 2009. (Created: 16/03/2009)
International summer school on Grid Computing 2009. (Created: 16/03/2009)
OMII-UK's work with climate change is front-page news (Created: 13/03/2009)
Plagiarism, radiotherapy and Green IT: March issue of the OMII-UK Newsletter is out! (Created: 27/02/2009)
Sneak Preview of Digital Repositories Workshop at EGEE User Forum/OGF25 (Created: 26/02/2009)
Who's who at OGF25 - March 2009 (Created: 23/02/2009)
New funding for OMII-UK (Created: 16/02/2009)
New Security Documentation from OMII-UK. (Created: 19/01/2009)
e-Science Review 2009 - Nomination of Panel Members (Created: 19/01/2009)
OGSA-DAI WS-DAIR 1.0 released (Created: 09/01/2009)
OMII-UK's work with climate change featured in ISGTW (Created: 07/01/2009)
Taverna 2.0 is released! (Created: 07/01/2009)
OGSA-DAI 3.1 SQL views extension pack 1.0 released (Created: 16/12/2008)
Prestigious award for Professor Carole Goble (Created: 09/12/2008)
OGSA-DAI 3.1 released (Created: 05/12/2008)
Open Notebook science, the UK's e-Science community, climate change and much more in the December Newsletter. (Created: 05/12/2008)
International Winter School in Grid Computing2009 - Call for Participants (Created: 01/12/2008)
Workflow Monitor overcomes workflow decay (Created: 25/11/2008)
Repository Curation Service Environments (RECURSE) Workshop at the Digital Curation Conference (DCC) - 01/12/08, Edinburgh (Created: 10/11/2008)
Programme for Special Session at 4th IEEE International Conference on e-Science - 12/12/08, Indianapolis (Created: 10/11/2008)
Digital Economy Research Hubs (Created: 16/10/2008)
CALL FOR PAPERS - 5th International Conference on e-Social Science, Cologne. (Created: 06/10/2008)
OMII-UK Newsletter released (Created: 30/09/2008)
Call for papers for workshop at the 4th IEEE e-Science conference in Indianapolis (Created: 05/09/2008)
Latest NGS Newsletter and Innovation Forum Event (Created: 05/09/2008)
OMII-UK at the All Hands Meeting 2008 (Created: 03/09/2008)
OMII-UK hits the BBC airwaves (Created: 30/07/2008)
Engaging researchers - JISC Inform article (Created: 24/07/2008)
OGSA-DQP 3.2 for OGSA-DAI 3.0 Released (Created: 24/07/2008)
Potential website outages due to essential maintenance work (17-20 July) (Created: 17/07/2008)
Deadline extended: Special Session on digital repositories at 4th IEEE International Conference on e-Science (Created: 10/07/2008)
OGSA-DAI 3.0 Axis ByteIO proof-of-concept released (Created: 08/07/2008)
EPSRC funding opportunity (Created: 07/07/2008)
Latest OMII-UK Newsletter - June 2008 (Created: 16/06/2008)
Latest NGS Newsletter (Created: 12/06/2008)
4th International Conference on e-Social Science (Created: 04/06/2008)
Help the UK National Grid Service (and OMII-UK) improve their services (Created: 29/05/2008)
Digital Classicist Work-in-Progress seminars - Institute of Classical Studies (Created: 22/05/2008)
OGSA-DAI WS-DAIX 1.0 released! (Created: 15/05/2008)
AHM2008 UPDATE & CALL: Abstract Submission Deadline Extended to 15 May 2008 (Created: 06/05/2008)
Helpdesk software upgrade complete (Created: 22/04/2008)
New OMII-UK Website being rolled out (Created: 16/04/2008)
OMII-UK is part of the Google Summer of Code 2008 (Created: 19/03/2008)
National Grid Service release their March Newsletter (Created: 12/03/2008)
OGSA-DAI training events for the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (Created: 03/03/2008)
Latest OMII-UK Newsletter - February 2008 (Created: 22/02/2008)
ENGAGE - improving the uptake of e-Research (Created: 18/02/2008)
Call for Papers - Grid 2008, Tsukuba, Japan 29 Sept - 1 Oct 2008 (Created: 08/02/2008)
OMII-UK releases Campus Grid Toolkit v1.1.0 (Created: 24/01/2008)
Deadline extended to Feb 11th - 4th International Conference on e-Social Science Manchester, June 18th-20th, 2008 (Created: 22/01/2008)
New Year message from OMII-UK (Created: 18/01/2008)
Launch of NGS News (Created: 14/01/2008)
EU-IndiaGrid Conference: Paving the Ground for a Grid-enabled e-Science Community (Created: 14/01/2008)
Systems Analyst Vacancy at Centre for e-Research, King's College London (Created: 13/12/2007)
All content from ISSGC'07 now available in ICEAGE Library (Created: 12/12/2007)
OMII-UK website outage 2nd to 4th January 2008 (Created: 11/12/2007)
ENGAGE: helping researchers get started with e-Infrastructure (Created: 29/11/2007)
OMII-UK releases new Development Kit and Campus Grid Toolkit (Created: 19/11/2007)
Programme Manager Vacancy: NCeSS Hub (Created: 15/11/2007)
Taverna at Grid 2007 (Created: 17/10/2007)
Taverna and OGSA-DAI successes feature in EGEE 2007 (Created: 12/10/2007)
Taverna showcases Taverna and myGrid at the 3rd International Conference on e-Social Science (Created: 12/10/2007)
Newsletter quiz - memory stick winners (Created: 26/09/2007)
OGSA-DAI - a project that is "shaping the future of grid computing" (IBM) (Created: 26/09/2007)
NGS and OMII-UK launch National Services Registry (Created: 12/09/2007)
OMII-UK launches new "Software Solutions for e-Research" initiative at the AHM2007 (Created: 10/09/2007)
OMII-UK Newsletter - September 2007 (Created: 10/09/2007)
OGSA-DAI 3.0 Released (Created: 06/09/2007)
ITPro article: e-Science project bears fruit (Created: 31/08/2007)
ECS News: New initiative to produce solution-based software (Created: 29/08/2007)
Grid Today article: OMII-UK Moving Towards Solution-Based Software (Created: 24/08/2007)
Neil Chue Hong is appointed as the new Director of OMII-UK (Created: 24/08/2007)
myGrid and myExperiment in the Press (Created: 03/07/2007)
OGSA-DAI 3.0 Release Update (Created: 19/06/2007)
OMII Southampton - office move (Created: 17/05/2007)
Director vacancy at OMII-UK (Created: 14/05/2007)
Success for BPEL-Designer at JAX Innovation Awards - April 2007 (Created: 09/05/2007)
OMII-UK Newsletter - May 2007 (Created: 08/05/2007)
OMII-UK 3.4.0 Released (Created: 04/05/2007)
The Belfast e-Science Centre (BeSC) has joined the National Grid Service (NGS) as a Partner site (Created: 11/04/2007)
RA position to work on the OMII-RAVE project (Created: 02/04/2007)
Call for papers for OMII-UK mini workshop at All Hands (closes on 16th April 2007) (Created: 22/03/2007)
OMII-UK Director to join Microsoft (Created: 08/03/2007)
OGSA-DAI brings new workflow project to community (Created: 07/02/2007)
Steven Newhouse interview published in EnterTheGrid - PrimeurWeekly (05/07/2007) (Created: 07/02/2007)
JISC ITT: Review of Accounting & Usage Monitoring with regard to fEC Readiness (Created: 01/02/2007)
OMII-UK Newsletter - December 2006 (Created: 14/12/2006)
OGSA HPC Profile Success at Supercomputing 2006 (Created: 14/12/2006)
OMII-UK Call for proposals for Bringing Desktop Access to Grids (Created: 27/11/2006)
OMII-UK Call for proposals in Portlet Development and Integration (Created: 15/11/2006)
OMII-UK Call for proposals in the development of Grid APIs (Created: 15/11/2006)
OMII 3.2.0 Released (Created: 10/11/2006)
Call for HPDC 2007 Workshop proposals (Created: 08/11/2006)
Grimoires 1.2.0 and Grimoires-WSRF 0.9.0 (for GT4) released. (Created: 27/10/2006)
Software Engineer vacancy with myGrid team, University of Manchester (Created: 25/10/2006)
myExperiment - New Scientist article (Created: 22/10/2006)
New partnership will empower UK e-Science (Created: 27/09/2006)
OMII-UK at the AHM 2006 (Created: 19/09/2006)
Technical Writer vacancy at OMII-UK Southampton (Created: 16/09/2006)
OMII 3.1.0 Released (Created: 14/09/2006)
Call for Speakers: Workshop on Production Grids (GGF18, September 10-12, Washington DC, USA) (Created: 19/07/2006)
OMII 3.0.0 Released (Created: 05/07/2006)
The Impact of new Web Service Standards for Resources, Events and Management within OMII-UK (Created: 01/06/2006)
Southampton secures 5.6M to sustain OMII-UK collaboration (Created: 19/04/2006)
'OMII-UK in the Community' workshop at All Hands Meeting 2006 (Created: 16/03/2006)
Enrollment Opens for the 4th International Summer School on Grid Computing (Created: 16/03/2006)
OMII 2.3.3 Released (Created: 02/02/2006)
New Tutorial covering 'Developing and Deploying Web Services with the OMII platform' (Created: 07/11/2005)
OMII-UK Formed: OGSA-DAI and myGrid projects join the OMII (Created: 24/10/2005)

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