2009-07-09: Find out more about OSCAR/OPSIN and help direct its future - 9 July 2009

Anyone interested in OSCAR/OPSIN, is invited to attend a workshop of collaborators and early adopters that will explore the software. The workshop is provisionally scheduled for 9 July 2009 and will be held in the Unilever Centre, Cambridge.

If you are interested in attending, please contact OMII-UK's Steve Brewer.

There is no charge for attendance at the workshop and lunch will be provided. The programme will include presentations of the experience of two or three early adopters, a wish-list session, a tour through the architecture, and a roadmap of the projected enhancements through the ENGAGE project. We welcome input from attendees into the future of OSCAR/OPSIN, and how the evolution of these applications would best meet future needs.

OMII-UK, as part of the ENGAGE programme, is working to refactor, repackage and enhance the OpenSource OSCAR and OPSIN software. OSCAR is now seven years old and is widely used in chemistry and bioscience for the identification of chemical entities in text. Informal studies have shown it probably has the highest precision and recall of any commonly used tool. OPSIN's name2Structure has been informally tested against corpora of names, and again it is not far behind the leading commercial tool and has a smaller error rate.

Find out more information about ENGAGE and OSCAR from their websites.

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