2009-10-29: Software Sustainability: Looking Past the Myths - lecture in Edinburgh, 29 October 2009

Neil Chue Hong, the Director of OMII-UK, will be presenting a public lecture 'Software Sustainability: Looking Past the Myths', at the e-Science Institute on 29 October 2009 at 4.00pm.

Further information can be found on the lecture webpage.

Attending the lecture

The public lecture is open to all interested parties in academia and industry. There is no need to register. Those attending the lecture are invited to join Neil for tea and coffee at 5:00pm.

Full details on how to get to the e-Science Institute are available on the NeSC travel webpage.


The lecture will be webcast for the benefit of anyone who can't make the lecture in person. The link to the webcast will appear on the lecture webpage at 3.00pm on 29 October. After the lecture, a copy of the webcast lecture will be available for a limited period on the NeSC event material webpage.


Sustainability is the ultimate goal for any software. If a future for software is not secured, the time and money invested in its development is wasted. With this level of importance placed on software sustainability, it is no surprise that a number of myths have sprung up around how to achieve it.

In this entertaining lecture, Neil Chue Hong, Director of OMII-UK, will challenge five myths that surround the goal of software sustainability. Neil will call upon OMII-UK's long history of working with projects from the UK research community, achieving software sustainability and participating in sustainable projects. After discussing the misconceptions that led to the five sustainability myths, Neil will describe OMII-UK's route for achieving software sustainability through engagement with the research community.

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