Call for papers for AHM 2010 - sustainability and infrastructures, systems and tools - deadline 14 May 2010

We invite papers for the following workshop and theme at this year's AHM. The deadline for abstract submission is 14 May 2010.

The workshop 'Software Sustainability: stories and strategies' will bring together those with an interest in ensuring the longer-term development and use of software for research. This will include researchers, developers, research computing specialists, infrastructure providers, facilitators and funders. The theme will provide a forum for the sharing and dissemination of experiences. The ultimate goal is to identify new models of best practice that are emerging for the support of longer-term development and open-source software.

For more details, see the workshop website.

The theme 'Infrastructures, Systems and Tools for e-Research' will explore the range of e-Research software that has been successfully developed and applied. We are particularly concerned with e-Research software which has gained users in communities outside those originally envisaged when the software was first planned, or uptake within their own community greater than the partners in the original project, thus enabling the overall growth in the capacity to conduct research. The theme will highlight the potential of such approaches by showcasing their application as well as discussing the challenges around creating good quality infrastructures, systems and tools for e-Research.

For more details, see the AHM website.

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