OMII-UK Presentations

OMII-UK staff regularly visit conferences to present our latest work and to participate in community activities.

e-Research Community Engagement, Oxford, 20 May 2009

Neil Chue Hong

Engaging researchers through evidence based interventions(info)

OGF-25/EGEE Users Forum/OGF-Europe, Catania, Sicily, 2-6 March, 2009

Mike Jackson

Distributed data access and management with OGSA-DAI PDF

The evolution of OGSA-DAI PDF

GridKa Summer School 2008, Kalrsruhe, Germany, 8-12 September, 2008

Mike Jackson and Amy Krause

An introduction to distributed data management with OGSA-DAI. PDF(info)

OGSA-DAI practical - developing clients and workflows.PDF(info)

UK e-Science 2008 All Hands Meeting, 8-11 September, 2008, Edinburgh

ENGAGE - Engaging Researchers with e-Infrastructure, Neil Chue Hong PDF

e-Infrastructure: tool for 'grand challenges' or tool for everybody? - BoF Session PDF

JISC Innovation Forum, 16 July, 2008, Keele University

Why Good Software Dies...and how to save it, N. Chue Hong

Data-Aware Distributed Computing Workshop, 24 June, 2008, Boston, MA, USA

Data Streaming Patterns for Distributed Data Exploitation, Malcolm Atkinson PDF(info)

OGF-23, 2-6 June, 2008, Barcelona, Spain

Accessing and integrating structured data using OGSA-DAI 3.0 and links with WS-DAI, OGF-Europe tutorial, Mike Jackson PDF(info)

OGSA-DAI - sharing data resources to enable efficient collaboration, presentation during Databases in the Grid: tools, middleware and applications session, Mike Jackson PDF(info)

OGSA-DAI, presentation during OMII-UK: Using open specifications to deliver project achievements session, Mike Jackson PDF(info)

Seminar to ACET group, Reading University, 2008-06-05

GridSAM internals and OMII-AuthZ, Hugo Mills. OpenOffice(info) Powerpoint(info)

UK e-Science All Hands Meeting, 10-13 September, 2007, EMCC, Nottingham, UK

For further details of the OMII-UK presence at the AHM2007 please visit the following wiki page AHM2007.

OMII-UK: From Software to Sustainable Systems, N. Chue Hong(info)

What OMII-UK can do for you as an individual, N. Chue Hong(info)

From Open Source to long term sustainability: Review of Business Models and Case Studies, Victor Chang - Presentation(info) and Paper(info)

Towards Grid Interoperability, Steve Crouch - Paper(info)

OGSA-DAI 3.0 - The Whats and the Whys, Mike Jackson - Presentation(info) and Paper(info)

Minimal Metadata for Data Services Through DIALOGUE, Chue Hong(info)

Grid Enabling Humanities Data Sets lecture series, July 2, 2007. Edinburgh, UK.

Data 2.0: towards collaborative data for arts and humanities, N. Chue Hong(info)

JISC VRE meeting, June 22, 2007. Northampton, UK.

OMII-UK - Supporting VREs, N. Chue Hong(info)

nanoCMOS meeting, March 29, 2007. Crieff, UK.

Introduction to OMII-UK Grid Technology, N. Chue Hong(info)

OGF19 January 29 - February 2, 2007. Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

OMII-UK Software Activities, Steven Newhouse (local copy attached below)
OGSA-DAI, N. Chue Hong

BioSysBio conference, 11-13 January 2007. MCISB, University of Manchester

Distributed Computing for System Biology using Taverna Workflows, Katy Wolstencroft

AHM2006 18th - 18-21 September, 2006. EMCC, Nottingham

OMII-UK - supporting the UK e-Science community and their international collaborators, Steven Newhouse
The OMII-UK Software Release, Steven Newhouse
For further details of the OMII-UK presence at the AHM2006 please visit the following wiki page AHM2006.

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